Tobacco Shisha Brands:

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Social Smoke (20+ Flavors)  American brand, From Texas Actually!  We LOVE SS!!!

PURE (FML Green, Red, Blue) American brand known for STRONG flavors

Trifecta (15+ Flavors)  Newer American brand, some amazing flavors

Tangiers (25+ Flavors)  American Brand.  Known for being the strongest kick in the game

Starbuzz (20+ Flavors), Starbuzz Bold (8 Flavors), Starbuzz Vintage (12 Flavors), Starbuzz Serpent (8 Flavors)

Al Fakher (20+ Flavors)  The "standard" of all hookah lounges

Nirvana Super (10+ Flavors)  American company, was the strongest before Tangiers started

Lavoo (15 Flavors)  Another newer American brand, VERY, VERY good and UNIQUE

Azure (10+ Flavors)  New to the game, two lines Blonde and Dark, both are AMAZING

Fantasia (15+ Flavors)  Long-time American company, great flavors

Fumari (15 + Flavors)  Another long-time standard in the game

Zomo (3 Flavors)  Newer to the American Market, we picked 3 very unique flavors, for now.

Al Waha - Pan  The best Pan we could find, if you like it straight up

NU - Sweet Pan  Not exactly straight Pan, but many people like the sweetness 

Othmani (Turkish Coffee and Ageian Spice)  They Stopped for a bit, but are BACK!

‚Äčand a few others, off and on.