Loyalty Members can get referral cards to pass out to friends/acquaintances.  You can get 3 per visit and they entitle whomever you give the card to half-off their hookah session (the session, not drinks, chips, etc.)  Simply write (LEGIBLY) your name (and phone # if you want) on the back of the card and give it to someone that has not been to Hookah Harem before

When they come in, they get the discount.

But wait!  There’s more! 

YOU get Half-OFF too once they use the card, we hold it so YOU get the discount on a session too!


Once you use the card too, do we toss it?  NOOO, it goes into another bin for a chance at a FREE SESSION!

Crazy right?

No, not really…  We figure that we owe it to you for advertising for us.

Frankly, we are so self-confident that once somebody actually comes in, they will visit again and again from time to time. 

Free session drawings are held on the 1st workday of the month and are done like this:

1-20 cards in the bin = 1 free random drawing

21-39 cards = 2 drawn cards,

40-59 cards = 3 drawn cards,

And so on…

IF you gave us your phone # on your loyalty program sign-up, we will text you.  Otherwise, ask if you have any referral cards when you check out.

THIS SITE IS INTENDED FOR PEOPLE 21 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER ONLY.  Continued viewing proclaims you are of age.

Hookah Harem Employment Application:

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(210) 455-9499

Print it out, fill it out, and bring it to Hookah Harem in person.

Right across the parking lot from Joe's Volcano.  In the same building as CASA REAL.

WARNING:   GPS directions MAY show us on the Main Ingram Road, we look like we are on NORTHWESTERN, Between Chuck E. Cheese's and Joes Volcano.  GOOGLE MAPS actually fixed the problem, so we show up correctly now!

COVID-19 Hours:  Open 7 days a week,

Open every day 
7PM to Midnight Sunday
7PM to 2 AM M-Thur
7PM to 3 AM Fri/Sat
Military (act/ret/dep) Discount:  10%
Student Discount: 10%

BYOB:  $3.00
BYO Food/Soft-Drinks:  FREE

Let you slip in if you are not 21+?
Save us the grief and you the embarrassment, not 21+, just don't try.
It isn't a "wink, wink" thing
you REALLY won't get in.